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Sunday, 5 August 2012

One holiday down and continuing with the stitching

Well it has been a couple of weeks since I updated my blog, and I have to admit I have been feeling guilty over it.
We spent the last couple of weeks away on holiday in the motorhome, the first of 3 trips away this summer and I have to admit we all enjoyed it.  The weather was also an advantage giving us the opportunity to have water fights, which at first I was not involved in, however after Steve told the kids to get me, with him hiding behind the car it was a case of walking into the camp shop dripping wet and buying the biggest water gun they had and then getting my revenge.  They say revenge is best served cold, and boy the water was!!!!!
Steve and Victoria discussing tactics

Benjamin (above) Victoria with the two crabs caught on Cromer Pier

This Wednesday sees us travelling again to another site for 10 nights and we are hoping that things go well again, both weather wise and enjoyment wise.

I did manage to continue with my cross stitch whilst away, the satellite system in the motorhome was playing up, so we spent a few nights getting Olympic fever in the club house with my stitching in progress.  I have to admit though I did take the big cross stitch and whilst I managed to complete page 4, albeit leaving a corner free so I can put my initials and date of completion at the end in this did cause a bit of a stir from some people over the complexity over it.  Now I am completing page 1 and I dislike this page as the wallpaper we inherited from the previous owners was stripy and this is causing a lot of confetti stitches.  However, each night I was able to complete 100 stitches in 10 x 10 block squares.
Finally one corner completed

and now to complete the dreaded wallpaper

More Cushions to make

Victoria asked me to make her friend a cushion for her birthday yesterday after we traipsed around town unsuccessfully to find something for her.   So on our return home from town I spent last night designing and stitching and managed to complete the cushion this afternoon. I just hope that Cerys likes it when Victoria goes round there tomorrow for her birthday sleepover.  When our kids were younger it was so much easier to buy a birthday present for their friends, but now, especially for 11 and 12 year old girls... I am at a total loss.

I have also been given another 3 baby orders a wedding order and 2 present orders which will mean that I will be busy on the long weekend’s home.  Friends have started putting up flyers for me and orders are escalating.  This is getting as exciting for me and it feels as though orders are speeding up as quickly as the British athletes are collecting gold medals in the Olympics, especially with the limited time at home this month, whilst I can take my cross stitch away with me.......I draw the line at taking my sewing machine away with me.

Hopefully, though my main progess to show when I return from this next holiday away will be my current work in progress.