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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Another project completed

I finally completed my latest project, this time its for our local vicar who is moving from this parish in early August to another parish with his family after 15 years.  One change I made was to use varigated threads which surprisingly were cheaper than DMC or Anchor threads.  Compared to their £ 0.90 I only paid £ 0.30 per skein.  I also changed the design of the corner flowers after playing around with material however, stitching them onto the cushion at the end was more frustrating than on previous ones.   Only trouble is the family leaves when we are away, so the cushion is hidden away at my parent's home, so I am taking a risk putting it on here at the moment.  
The top part after playing around with the varigated threads
The dreaded shields and boat that is on the church sign outside
The finished piece
Really pleased how the flowers turned out on this one
The back view
This time I went a bit adventurous on the hem
I have also been surfing the net to find cheaper and different material.  One difficulty I have found is whilst materials are cheaper, you never know what you are going to receive and what the quality is like, the other option is buying locally and paying more money.  One place I did find for material, who actually provides free samples is so I have some samples on order and am waiting to see whether I can save some money and have a decent purchase.  Whilst our local shops, all 2 of them have a good selection, to get a more wider choice the nearest place is in Norwich 26 miles away and I never seem to get the time to go there.  My DH, Steve says that I have an expensive hobby, my argument is that whilst I am stitching I keeping busy and not raiding the cupboards and picking on food, especially chocolate.

High School and the Summer Holidays

This past week has also seen our daugher leave Primary school and she will be starting High school tomorrow and my son will be beginning his final year there.   Whilst she is looking forward to going, she does have mixed feelings and it seems to be the end of an era.  However,  we just have this one more week and then the kids finish school for the summer holidays.   I just hope the relentless rain we are getting eases off for at least the next 6 weeks with just a light shower at night especially as we will be away for the majority of the time.  One thing is certain though, whilst we are away I won't be stitching cushions as much so I am at the minute so I will not be spending money on my pastime, not unless I see any kits or charts!!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Another week away, all change in the household and another order

Firstly, thank you for all the comments made on my father’s day cushion, my dad loves it and it is sitting in pride of place on the top of their sofa as he dare not use it as a cushion.  I could not reply to each one as usual as we were away in the motorhome and whilst I can use my mobile phone, it is quicker on the laptop to type.

Before I went away, I did complete another cushion, for Victoria's birthday.  At the minute I have not stuffed it with an inner cushion as I can hide it away easier from her prying eyes.

Our trip away did come with surprises, especially at the end and both our own two children were away from us during the week at some stage.  Ben, our son had work experience, so he stayed for the weekend and then stayed with my parents during the week, and on the Wednesday, Victoria went to Belgium with her school around the war graves and to the Menin Gate in Ypres for a two day visit.  She did enjoy it and it was quite enjoyable to hear the young people were respectful when paying their respects to those who have fought for our countries, especially during the evening Last Post ceremony that is held there each evening. 
But we did not return home without some drama affecting us.   Our youngest looked after child came down with spots on the Friday night, which at first we thought was due to heat rash.  However, on the Saturday after getting an emergency appointment with the local doctor it was confirmed he had come down with Chicken Pox.  Whilst our own two had already suffered Chicken Pox our two other young people had not and were very wary and cautious.  Luckily, no more outbreaks in the household have developed.  The other issue was our washing machine, which after the 6th load it started to spew out washing powder mid load, luckily it is still working.
My poor sick washing machine
This week I thought I would be lucky to continue with my stitching, but one of our young people moved into independence on Tuesday and most of Tuesday and Wednesday was spent repainting the bedroom and sourcing new bedding and beds as these were needed.  In fact, we’ve been so busy, it was not until yesterday we remembered today is our 12th wedding anniversary, so for both Steve and myself, it was a last minute dash down town to get each other a card and small gift each.   And finally, whilst everybody here are looking forward to the end of the school term, our   youngest daughter is looking forward to her last week at Primary school.   Whilst I have been writing this blog we have also been designing a scented cushion to make for both her teachers.  Victoria's orders and my quick work on getting the design made up of what she wants.

So today, I have spent my wedding anniversary starting my next cushion project, on behalf of my mum for our local vicar.  He and his family are leaving to go to another parish after 15 years.   The hardest part was the shields and boat symbol on the church to design but hopefully, this will turn out ok when I stitch it.
The completed design
A close up of the dreaded shields and boat

The actual sign at the church
By tonight, when I go to bed, it will be stitched or almost stitched up ready for me to get the material and whizz up a cushion on the sewing machine.  For the stitching I purchased some different threads to use other than the DMC that I usually purchase, so it will be interesting to see how the final result turns out.  My mother chose the brown threads to go with his furniture.
The new threads

Will be strange to think my youngest will be starting high school in September, and our son will be in his final year there.  Victoria is going to spend the last week of the current school term at high school with Ben to get used to the change.   So, I now know my place for the next week......stitching and less time on the internet.