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Monday, 2 June 2014

Butterfly Placemats, Two orders and Heavy Going Grizzly

Been really busy this week. Firstly, I made some butterfly place mats for our garden table.  Our place mats were the first time I had attempted to make some but we were all pretty pleased with them, especially following uploading them onto my Facebook page I received an order for a set of 4.  I also had a best teacher order to complete, this time in

The completed table
Placemats made up for a following order
Best Teacher Cushion

I also found time this week to continue with my current WIP, Heavy Going Grizzly.  He is slowly coming along.  Hopefully next week there will be more of him to see, however I have now put my name down for 2 craft stalls in June so I need to start stitching other things to continue building my stock up so I can see him taking a back seat again for a while.

He's getting bigger.