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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Stitching and cooking

I have been lazy in updating my blog, however I have been busy here (well keeping myself busy) for several reasons.  One was regarding my first order, making an 18th Birthday cushion which my friend Jo and her daughter, Charlotte loved, especially as it was in pink.

Another one was due to making a cushion for my step-daughter Natalie who needed a boost.  She loves hamsters and sometimes whilst words cannot make things better for somebody a personal gift can say it all.    As Natalie has three hamsters already, the stitching seemed apt for her, however the look on Natalie's mother’s face when Steve and I took her home after taking her out for the day and being told I had got Natalie another hamster was a picture.....there was a massive look of relief on Sharon’s face when she realised it was a stitched one.

This one was a real labour of love, stitched over the weekend and  the cushion made up on Monday, however not without mishaps.  My aim was to put a ribbon around the edge; however I think I was too stressed in trying to get it completed on Monday and I had a right battle with it and decided not to stitch it on. 
It didn’t help that I had woken up that morning with an ear infection and had to get an emergency doctor’s appointment that morning.  It did get to the stage me in the doctors ripping the stitching off the attached ribbon on the cushion and putting the threads in my handbag with the other people waiting to see the doctors wondering what on earth I was doing.

Culinary Creations
We also seem to have a culinary master (or mistress) in the family.  Victoria has discovered the art of making pancakes and surprised me with her first effort.  It was so big it hung over the dinner plate.  Victoria's one is shown below and she was a bit gutted her one didn't turn out so big.  The day before yesterday she did cookies and tonight Victoria has been making cakes (chocolate) by herself and is now awaiting them to cool down so she can experiment with icing them with red, yellow, blue and green food colouring.  Pretty soon roast dinner?????  I will have to wait and see.   Just got to wait for Victoria to let me taste one now.....will probably be a long wait.

Multi-coloured iced chocolate buns