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Friday, 10 February 2012


Today any plans I had to continue with my cross stitch has gone totally out of the window.  For the past two weeks Steve and I have been decorating our dining room, and whilst he is quite good at wallpapering, we have learnt how to laminate a wood  floor.   Today we decided to try our hand at hanging a new door (with no carpentry skills between the pair of us, and me saying it looked easy to do).  Since we moved into this house almost 12 years ago the dining room door never shut properly or had a door handle.  After 6 hours of cutting the door down to size, trying to work out what way the hinges have to go on the door and putting the door onto the door frame, we have a new door with a proper door handle on it.  Which we thought was not bad for our first attempt.  After that my plans were to get dinner done and then sit down and then start stitching some more......However, plans never go how you want them.   Whilst carrying the empty cups through into the kitchen from the dining room en route to getting dinner ready the cup with the cold remains of my hot chocolate slipped out of my hand and emptied all over the kitchen.  You would not believe the chocolate on the floor, the walls and over the cupboards and worktops......half an hour later and......looking up to the ceiling hot chocolate had even splattered up there.  So cross stitch has been abandoned for tonight, instead I have the cleanest kitchen in town, every cupboard door has been washed, the walls and the ceiling.  Biggest surprise was whilst the cup landed on a stone floor its survived to be used on another day.  However, lessons have been learnt, never try to carry more than is possible, never have kids coming into the house  asking why is the kitchen in a mess,  why did I decide to splatter everything in sight with hot chocolate and why is dinner not ready and what is for dinner!!!!  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I will be able to sit down and continue cross stitching.