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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

First Post

Welcome to my very first post.  After a four year absence completing my access course and social work degree I have finally returned to the world of cross-stitch.  However, still at the moment, the times I want to settle down and stitch I have either my two children (15 & 11) or two of the young people my husband and I foster (17 & 16) asking us to be permanent taxi drivers, cooks, cleaners etc.  As part of this first post I (hopefully) have uploaded photos of some of the past cross-stitch I have done and managed to keep within the household.  Currently I am completing a cross stitch of a photo I had taken when my two step-children were teenagers (now 25 & 26) and two children were 3 months old and 3 (now 11 & 15).  Hopefully (kids providing) I will be able to enter up a weekly log and show progress on my favourite and most relaxing past-time.  I hope that this log is found interesting, along with any ancedotes on trying to apply for my first social work role and why it is often said 'never work with children'.

I started this for my youngest daughter when she was 6 and starting ballet, I finally finished this in time for her this Christmas........after she stopped attending.  One good thing was she loves it.

Everybody loves a bit of pooh bear

This was Cassie my English Springer Spaniel, her pedigree name was Spring Fun....and she was.

My other love is horses, if I had the money I would have my own horse

Memories have now come back to me, as a new parent (single at the time) and snatching any available time when Ben was asleep to stitch

My current project, as you can see a slow process, I suppose its due to me choosing the 20" x 16" option instead of the smaller 10" x 8"