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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mother's Day

This weekend Mother's Day was celebrated over here in the UK and I was spoilt rotten by the kids and Steve with flowers, chocolates and a bottle of Baileys.  All day long I didn't have to lift a finger. 
My lovely flowers brought from my son, Benjamin
The cushions I made as gifts for my mother-in-law and my mother had different results.  My mother in law, on receiving her gift turned to my husband and said "I told you I wanted some bulbs for Mother's Day".  Steve's response to me was that even if we got something she wanted, she still wouldn't be happy.   For my mother the reception was completely different where she ended up in floods of tears.  How I miss my own two children being young.  I used to love them coming home from school on a Friday all secretive until they would run into the bedroom on Mother's Day waving handmade cards, which I have still kept.  Now they are teenagers and well into pre-teens its more shop brought.  I did get a lovely card from one of our young people living here saying for someone who is like a Mum to me.  Nevertheless, I had to laugh as she posted it at the same time as posting her mother's one who is currently staying in Monday she was upset my card hadn't arrived, until I got a message posted from Royal Mail to say I had a letter waiting for me at the post office and requesting £1.12 ($1.78) to release it.......when I went to collect it, it turned out to be my Mother's Day card from her.

On the cushion front, I would like to say a big thank you to everybody who participated.  The response was overwhelming and with plenty of positive feedback.  There were a few points people had made which I have accepted and reflected on and can use in my design.  I do appreciate that England and USA spell mum differently which I hadn't explained on the survey.  An amazing 88.9% said they would purchase this gift for other people,  90% said that they thought the cushions had the right balance.    Ideas were also given for cushions incorporated honouring our heros who are fighting for our countries (taking into account the international context of my readers), cancer survivors, and I loved the idea of the tooth fairy pillow and have got ideas going in my head. 

This weekend brought loads of post, one in particular was Jane Greenoff's designer programme which I purchased on ebay.  I have to admit it did take a bit of getting used to when making a design.  Sometimes I  began to wonder if pencil and paper was still the best way to create designs or spend some time getting used to the modern technology.  I ended up designing a backstitch and cross stitch design with mine and Steve's names on it too with our wedding date on.  By Sunday evening I had sewn it ready to cut the next load of material for a cushion. 

I also went shopping at the weekend and spent shed loads of money on materials and other items which my step-daughter told me to buy (and a few extras Steve was unaware about).   Its now got to the stage Steve knows I am safe in a clothes shop as I don't spend much, however, give me a craft shop and all spending limits go out of the window.   I now know I am better off ordering online as I stick more to a budget.

Some of the material purchased.  Victoria has her eye on the ballet shoes for cushion material

My new toy, a cutting board and a rotary cutter which is a lot easier than using shears
Monday morning and back to early mornings with the weekly school run and after the weekend rain I was greeted with a sharp frost on my car windows.  It always seems to happen when its my turn for the 40 mile round trip to the school one of our looked after children attend.   However, later on the day turned into a lovely sunny day.  My step-daughter also came down to see us on Monday afternoon and  I spent a few hours with Natalie teaching me some more tricks of the trade she had learnt on her degree.  One of the things we made were fabric flowers.   For those who are unsure of how to make them and wish to learn how to make the flowers I have set up another page on my blog which shows step-by-step ways to make them.

With regards to my cross stitch at the minute.....I have not had the time to pick it up and will have to resume it soon.  I have to admit, whilst I have enjoyed the buzz of learning and making something different, I have missed the buzz of seeing my cross stitch develop.  I think I am going to have to try and rearrange my days and nights to fit in my current cross stitch and cushion making.

Well, thats about it for this week, once again, many thanks to everybody who participated in my survey and I am beginning to get ideas for my very first giveaway, which more will be revealed soon.  Hope all my readers have a great week and happy stitching.