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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Time has flown by and the blog giveaway winner is....

Time has a habit of going faster than planned.  Everything I had intended to do since my last blog has gone out of the window, due to yet again, the same young person going missing once again.  This Tuesday will see us moving her on to another placement where the main disruption within her life will not be around and she has the potential to turn her life around.  Life would be so much simpler if we could just move the whole house to another location as she is not a bad person, but we cannot help her to move her life forward where we live which is a shame as we will all miss her.

I have been busy though, continuing with my cross stitch, when time has allowed, and whilst not much has been done on it every little bit of time stitching it helps and I do notice a difference, especially when looking back at earlier blogs.
Slow progress

Cushion wise, at the moment I am currently completing a Christmas present, with the wording A horse is an angel without wings, all I have to do is the horse shoes at the bottom and the shadowing and then its complete,  along with one for Steve for his birthday on Tuesday....why do I set myself such short deadlines.   An order came through for a baby girl cushion via a message on facebook, although I am debating on using the Monday’s child rhyme on the bottom as the baby was born on a Wednesday and I do not think Wednesday’s child is full of woe on the bottom will be appropriate. 

A horse is an angel without wings
This leads onto the news I also have a cushion in progress for the lucky winner of my giveaway.  The lucky winner pulled out of the bag by our Anabel is Meari, so congratulations Meari, I do not want to show it on here as I would like it to be a surprise for you.  If you could email your address to the cushion will be winging its way across the pond to you in the next week and I hope you will like the finished piece.