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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The family has grown, Meari's surprise & WIP todate

Now we are 8!!!

Since my last blog, things over here in the Wilson household have become extremely busy.  We celebrated Anabel’s 18th birthday in the house and there was a party going on.  One good thing was that it was not as crowded as at her 16th birthday 60 people were invited, this time there was only about 15-20 people.  When I think to all the parties we have held, such as our wedding where we had 26 people sit down in the front room on long tables, and 80 people that night, Anabel’s 16th, her 18th and many, many more life is never dull here.  

Me and the Birthday girl. 

The party in full swing

The morning after the night before, Anabel was in full swing cooking breakfast for everyone

We have also recently expanded from 6 people in the house to 8 following two more young people placed with us and I have to admit it feels like the Walton’s at times all sitting around the dinner table at night, working out logistics on who is using the bathroom both upstairs and down, working out showers etc and the school runs to 3 different schools in 3 different towns.  This has also been harder as Steve has been ill and unable to drive until now.  This Saturday is also going to be busy as I will be attending my graduation at Norwich Cathedral.  Whilst I am looking forward to it I am also slightly nervous and Ben and Victoria will be accompanying me as I can only take 2 guests with me.

Blog giveaway

On my last blog I announced the winner of my very first giveaway who was Meari.  Now Meari has received her prize I can now show it off as I wanted her to see it first.  Congratulations Meari and thank you for your email to say you received it and that you love it.

Like a painting on canvas, material comes alive in stitches

Another baby cushion

Another baby arrived recently and I was asked to make another baby cushion for Imogen who arrived into this world on September 26th.  I am now waiting for a baby boy to arrive as I want to see what it comes out like in blue (hint hint)!!

Welcome to the world Imogen

Update on my WIP
I have also been working on my current WIP and am getting on with the dreaded wallpaper.  This is slow progress but now we are easing down by getting into routines etc, I am hoping to get more motivated on it.  I wish I could show more progress, however as Steve often says, Rome wasn't build in one day' and once it is done, I will be so pleased with it.
The space is slowly being filled in

Current situation on my progress
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