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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Been doing some reading and searching

Fine Cell Work

Recently, I read an interesting article in one of our newspapers over here in on how needlework is helping prisoners serving long sentences.  A social enterprise and charity called Fine Cell Work sees volunteers going into prisons and teaching prisoner’s to make intricate needlepoint, quilts, cushions and wall hangings.    There were mixed views on the comments made with regards to the article, especially as the work advertised was on the pricy side, however when putting it into context, the amount of time we put into each completed cross stitch or other needlecrafts, along with the materials would we not be making a justified costing.  The full article can be found on  

Being a firm believer that cross stitching helps us to become more relaxed and calmer, this must have a positive influence in helping to rehabilitate some prisoners, many of whom have come from backgrounds of abuse and violence in the home, family criminality, substance abuse problems and even living arrangements and experiences of care.  To see some of the work advertised, check out   Furthermore check out some quotes made by cross stitchers on the therapeutic aspects of cross stitch on

The continuing copyright debate

Over here in England, I have been a regular reader of Craftseller magazine, especially since starting my cushions.  This magazine provides various craft ideas to make and sell which are copyright free for crafters, and with the copyright debate that has been occurring over the past couple of months on various cross stitching groups this month’s edition provided a guide to copyright clarity. 

Steve Wright, who wrote the article explained lifespan terms, trademarks, ways of infringing and using big name fabrics.  For example, its finite lifespan varies from country to country.  Copyright over here in England is protected up to 70 years following the death of the creator, Steve’s example uses quotes and images of Oscar Wilde which can be freely quoted by a crafter.    On the other hand, using his Marilyn Monroe example, anything to do with her cannot be used.

In addition to this, during the summer there was a lot of debate with regards to the use of the Olympic rings and the Union Jack for the 60th Diamond Jubilee for the Queen and the Olympics held over here in the UK.  Whilst the Olympic rings are classed as a trademark, the Union Jack is classified as being in the public domain and can be freely used. 
Finally, with regards to infringement, using my cushions as an example, all the designs are created by me personally, if they are recreated by somebody else, using a recognisable version, that counts as infringement.
Steve did include loads of other examples, however he also included these sites for copyright queries:

1.  The UK Copyright Service:
2. Official UK copyright Information Service:
3. Pick up loads of helpful advice on intellectual property for the creative industries:
4. Copyright issues for card makers and rubber stampers:  Or
further advice can be obtained at:
5. UK Handmade offers copyright issues surround upcycling:

Stitching news

In the past couple of weeks I have frozen in the cold winds with the kids and Steve whilst we went away in the motorhome, however I did take my cross stitch with me and managed to complete some more.  I also have 7 cushion orders to complete, 1 for a baby due any day now, 1 for a Christmas present for somebody and 5 for a local brewery who wants hops made for the corners in place of the flowers I put on so that will take a bit of research and work. 

I finally did it!!

Last Saturday I finally did it and collected my degree at my graduation ceremony.  The only downside was that I could only take 2 guests with me, so Ben and Victoria attended with me.  Steve stayed at home with all the rest of the kids in the house.  The ceremony was lovely but it was freezing cold with hail outside from time to time.

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