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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hectic week, a happy customer and back on my big cross stitch

This week has been tough, everything has seemed to go wrong with kids coming down ill, misbehaving, totally taking no notice of anything Steve and I have said.  Whoever said about working children and animals was totally right and this week I have felt that I should have taken notice.  However, by Friday evening, just in time for the weekend the household descended into peace and tranquility.  I suppose looking back, now it is peaceful, I would not change a thing - well sometimes I might.

On top of my Christmas orders for cushions, I also had an order for a birthday cushion via Facebook on a local crafts page.  Combining a busy family life with my hard working husband, illness and meetings regarding some of our looked after children, the end result for Heidi's birthday cushion came out on time and provided me with another happy customer, a happy recipient and more likes on my Facebook page.

This week, I finally got out my large cross stitch and have restarted it.  Although it had been put away in a safe place, it was beginning to look a bit grubby, so with fingers well and truly crossed, I put it into a pillow case and into the washing machine on a hand wash on a 30 degree temperature.  I have to admit, I was really worried on how it would turn out, but the end result was brilliant.  Victoria's christening dress and the shirts Stephen and (half of) Ben's shirt came out white again.  

Came out of the machine so fresh and clean, more than I expected!!!
Still plugging away at those dreaded confetti stitches.
Whilst I do find cross stitching my way of relaxation, stopping me from raiding the cupboards etc, even though I wash my hands before stitching and put the stitching back in a protective cover.   Its amazing how much you, well I try to keep it clean, it can get dirty from time to time, especially with how long this is taking me to complete.  Part of me wants to finish this little piece, but its driving me crazy.  I am wondering whether of not to leave this piece until later on and to start concentrating on getting the rest of Benjamin on there and most importantly, Natalie.