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Monday, 28 October 2013

Why do I feel a right Twit over Twitter? Latest cushions completed and the big project


I am in desperate need of a lesson on how to use Twitter.  Don't get me wrong, I am not bothered about using technology, in fact I must be one of the first people in our family to purchase new technology that's out.  When it comes to Facebook, I can use that easily, Pinterest I am getting used to - uploading new photos of cushions created, even creating a website for my online business........but Twitter........I feel such a twit over it!!!!  Am I the only one?

Like Facebook, I have both a personal account and an account for Created with Stitches, but I struggled with not only my personal Twitter account but also the account I set up for Created with Stitches, that I deleted the Created with Stitches account.  One person I do know who is well used to (Twittering?)  is Anabel, one of our ex-looked after children young person who Twitters away constantly.  Now she is away at university, it looks like I am going to have to wait until the Christmas break when she returns home for Christmas to have a lesson off her.....and hope I can master it and get my Business Twitter account back up and running again.

Cushions completed

This week, I have been busy making more cushions to upload onto my website and my Facebook page.  Along with this,  I have also used this week to revamp my website to give a more professional feel to it and have added some photos of them.    My aim was to be able to take them into the garden yesterday afternoon (when I started to write my blog) to photograph them in natural light, but unfortunately over here in England we were expecting Jude to blow over the southern and eastern parts of the country so I had to wait until today.

I also managed to complete some small cushions that can be hung.

Now the storm has blown over (excuse the pun) and all the photos are taken I can upload them onto my website.

The Big Project

This week has also seen me manage to get some time on my big project.  I have to admit  I am finding the last part on the left hand side a bit tedious so have moved onto the middle working my way down. Last night I managed to get 500 stitches done and if I can manage my time effectively I will soon have the remainder of both Ben and Natalie stitched.  I'm looking forward to seeing how much more I can complete by next week, whilst I aim to post a new blog post on Sundays it is now looking like being a Monday supplement.

I need a break from this section.
I know it may seem strange why I have chosen this spot to start more stitching but my aim is for Ben and Natalie to be seen on here.
Since this photo was taken we have changed the decor once and are in the process of redecorating the house so it was interesting to see how the stitching brought back memories of the colours.
Lisa xx