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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Back to Blogging Again

It’s been ages since I last wrote on my blog, and such a lot has happened.  The first half of this year was a rollercoaster of emotions where life will never be the same again following last December.   Even cross stitch took a back seat and now I have begun to pick up my needle with my business, I am getting into the frame of mind to continue with my photo cross stitch.

During the summer holiday, whilst the kids were off school, we undertook a big road trip in the motorhome. Travelling from Suffolk to Cumbria, then we headed onto Somerset for a long weekend and catch up with two of my brother-in-laws.  From Somerset we travelled up to Derbyshire before heading to the North Norfolk Coast to round off the summer.  

There are a lot of photos showing where and what we have been up too since my last update and the stitching I have been getting back into.  Hopefully soon I will be able to show more updates of the big cross stitch I am still  sorry going to continue on shown in previous blogs.

Picturesque scenery up in Cumbia

I couldn't believe this, it was like they were used to photographs being taken and were ready for the posing

A day at the Beatrix Potter Attraction, Peter Rabbit

Mrs Tiggywinkle, I sometimes think I am like her with all the washing that needs doing in our busy household
Bakewell, Derbyshire, home of the famouse Bakewell Tarts......

.......and puddings
Trip to 'Seal Island' off Hunstanton

the seals were so tame, however.......

...all I could think about was the penguins in Madagascar......'Smile and wave boys, smile and wave'

I cannot say that the trip went without hitch, instead of me doing some stitching whilst I was away, I was the one who ended up being stitched on after cutting my leg open whilst on a walk and having to be taken by ambulance to Lancaster Royal Infirmary to be operated on.  10 stitches later and a joke from the surgeon that he had stitched my leg in the shape of Lake Windermere as a memento I was able to return to the motor-home the next day after being admitted only to return to a flooded out campsite and awning.  

Following our road trip, it was back to school for the kids for 2 weeks before we had another holiday away, this time we flew out to Rhodes to see my step-son and his fiancée get married.  The wedding was held in Kalithea Springs and was a beautiful ceremony.   Even the bride was creative making a brooch bouquet. 

View of Rhodes from our resort

Kalithea Spa, a beautiful setting that the photos do not do it justice

One of the entrances to Rhodes Old Town

Me and Victoria nicknamed him Spike

Steve and me after a total week of relaxation

Ben at the wedding

Victoria at the wedding

The brides bouquet, which was gorgeous, heavy and made by herself
Stitching wise, I have been busy, stitching a cushion for one of our young people who have lived with us for 6 years and is now off to university, a 2nd wedding anniversary cushion, a wedding cushion and starting to get stock done for a craft fair for Christmas on top of Christmas orders for presents.  I am currently working on another cushion which will be revealed after the recipient has received it.  All this is happening on top of trying to de-clutter the house ready for a major redecoration. 

Our young person who lives with us, for all her hard work who has now gone to Leicester University

An order for Angelina's Christening.  This cushion was a medium sized one at 102 x 10"

Cushion order for a birthday

I thought this was so apt, , even though I am married myself all I know of anniversaries is another year.  I actually learnt that a 2nd wedding anniversary is actually cotton.

Another christening cushion, this time for a little boy

The lady who ordered this cushion liked the end result so much.....
......she ordered another

For my step-son and lovely daughter-in-law, ordered by my husband who was told, yes even he has to pay for cushion orders too.

Small Godmother Cushions

Small cushions made up ready for a craft fair

My mother ordered this cushion for another Christening

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Lisa xxx